Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome you and your child into my classroom. I am excited about the upcoming school year and I hope you are too!

I believe communication is very important in a teacher-parents relationship. I will be sending out a weekly parent letter and making necessary phone calls and emails to keep you informed.

I welcome parent volunteers and encourage you to visit our classroom and join us for activities throughout the year. I will inform you of our activities that we will need parent help with in our weekly letter. As parents, I realize you may be extremely busy and may not be able to help out during school hours. I will be more than happy to accommodate your schedule to help out at the school. Your involvement is always appreciated!

As a class, we will have fun learning about different topics such as Famous Americans, Chinese New Year, and holiday traditions. We will have a buddy in Kindergarten and once a month we'll walk over to the public library to listen to a story. This is a fun time to learn by listening and to be good examples to younger children.

I believe every child has the ability to learn. My goal for each student is to do the best of their ability each and every day. Children learn by different teaching strategies and I hope by utilizing these strategies your child will have a positive learning experience.

I am looking forward to the upcoming school year and working with you and your child. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach me at the school at 605-428-3192 or through email at


Mrs. Abraham
Mrs. Abraham